I hate stuffy heads!

Blah...I'm home, I'm happy...why do I have to have a cold?! The past few days, my head's felt thick (okay, thicker than usual) and my throat's been scratchy. I chalked it up to not enough sleep this past week, and talking way too much during my chapter visits (I knew I should listen more!)...until this afternoon, when the faucet in my nose turned on. Yuck.

On the bright side (and I mean that literally), this gives me just the excuse I was looking for to spend more time at the pool this weekend. What could be better for curing a cold than some sun and a good book? Of course, I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so that means finding another book...hmmm. But I digress...how blessed am I to live in a place where I can go to the pool, in a bathing suit, and work on my tan (and killing the cold, of course!) at the end of October?! I'm still deciding what I love about Texas, but that is most definitely on the list.


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