Home is where the pillows match the dent in your head.

(written Sunday, 24 October 2004)

Thus far, the travel that my jobs requires hasn't bothered me. My wonderful boss has asked at various points throughout the semester how I'm handling it, and I've always been able to tell him that I honestly am doing fine with it. In fact, I've actually enjoyed it...until now. It's not even that I'm tired of traveling...instead, I'm homesick. The longest of any of my trips have been so far is five days, and I was home in time for the weekend. But this tour of three chapters is nine days long. At this point, I haven't seen my husband or slept in my own bed for a full week, and I miss both...a lot!

This shouldn't be weird, until you consider that the first time I have ever been truly homesick was this past summer. Sure, I missed my mom and dad in college...spent nine long months in graduate school missing my fiance...been apart from my husband for days at a time. But the three weeks that I spent in Pennsylvania in July during my job training were the first time I ever found myself wanting nothing more than to go home. I was certainly enjoying my time in PA, but I missed the comfort and the normality of our somewhat quiet home life. And this time...this is just the second time that I've had to deal with being homesick. Bleh - the next two days cannot go by fast enough! I cannot wait until Tuesday night, when I get to fall asleep next to my baby, in my own bed. What a treat that will be!


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