two-page tuesday: last year's holiday spirit

Some people? Some people are making great progress in their December Daily 2013 albums. But not me. No, I'm the person who - in December 2013 - is wrapping up their December Daily album from 2012. Yes, 2012. Truthfully, I didn't actually start working on it until last month - and I had definitely envisioned having it finished before this month started - but instead, I'm amusing myself by getting into the holiday spirit via a jaunt through last year's holiday moments.

Last night, I'm proud to say, I finished making all of the pages. I'll try to share the full set of pages once all the journaling and embellishments have been added, but in the meantime, here are a few pages I particularly like, even in the preliminary stage.

This is the front cover - yet another indulgence of my love for reflection photos.

I had purchased a paper kit for this year's album, and it included this neat candy cane-striped paper clip that seemed like a good fit for the picture of the campus Christmas concert (and which holds the tickets to said concert in place on the back of that page).

The kit had such a fun variety of patterned papers in it!  Sometimes, those are challenging for me, because it can feel like a struggle to match the papers to my photos - so imagine my pleasant surprise when this lovely wood-grain paper proved to be a perfect pairing with this photo (a self-portrait taken in the mirror on the back of my wooden guest room door). Yay!

For most of the album, I kept it pretty simple - attaching photos to papers. But I'd kept this neat envelope, and it seemed like a fun way to include all the holiday stamps and labels I'd collected. It's the simple things that make me proud.

Here is the recipient of the award for the most random ephemera to be included in this December Daily album. Last year, I'd found a fun package of holiday pasta shapes at TJ Maxx to use for our Christmas dinner. Once I'd used the pasta inside, I cut the tag off of the cellophane bag and saved it. It ended up being the perfect size to fit in this album.

The page on the left will end up having a lot of writing on it - telling the story of our Christmas with Wildcat Guy's family. What I really like about it, though, is the repetitive feature of folded ribbon at the top. I didn't intend for that to happen, but am glad it did.

This is the as-yet unembellished back cover. I liked this photo so much - and yet it didn't really fit into the flow of pages inside the album. So I was super happy to find a home for it. Once I caption and decorate it, it will be a sweet little summary (no pun intended) to the 2012 Christmas experience.

So yay for a lovely little album based on materials assembled by this delightful artist, and yay for being almost done with it!

Something else I did last night? Change up the inspirational message on the bulletin board above my scrapbook table. I have an old calendar that Ali Edwards made - maybe 2007? - with these beautiful pieces of word art. Every once in a while, I change the page - to reflect a mood, an emotional need or maybe even just a whim.

The word "create" felt most appropriate for where my head and my heart are right now:

"create joy. create interest. create good. create something about you. create for the sake of creating. create opportunities. create home. create art. create junk. create with paint. 
create with crayons. this month, focus on creating a life you love."

Amen to that! As my current professional role winds to an end later this week, the idea of creation is very much something I'm wrapping my head around, in all its different interpretations.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert


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