this week was good because of...

...celebrating our "one day short of one month" anniversary today.

...seeing a pretty awesome movie (with not one, but two great post-credits clips). purchases from our wedding registries (including silverware!).

...the gift certificate and the "fun money" from Mom that we used for a delicious celebratory lunch.

...submitting the first application in my renewed job search.

...Homecoming weekend. Even though I'm not an alumna of the college, I still enjoy the celebrations and the reunions.

...the explosion of beautiful autumn colors around campus and around town.

...a fun conversation with students about self-awareness, perspective and disagreement.

...the opportunity to do some short-term student conduct consulting.

...learning to be more comfortable talking with Wildcat Guy about money.

...potatoes cooked in bacon fat.

...the frustration of students not showing up for appointments being counteracted by the large amount of work I caught up on in those unexpected slots of time.

...starting Saturday with a delightful drop-in yoga class.

What made your week good?

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