edible souvenirs from the mitten

So I've joked before that edible souvenirs can be the best kind. On our recent trip to see Vintage Blonde and her Mr., this became truer than we expected.

During our visit to Apple Charlie's, we stocked up on doughnuts to eat while we were there - but couldn't resist getting a few extra to bring home with us. Mmm, that was a tasty breakfast the following Monday!

And thanks to a visit to my favorite-ever farmers' market, we picked up a bag of my favorite-ever apples. Because $3 for 3 pounds of Honeycrisp apples was too amazing a deal to pass up (considering I normally pay $3+ per pound here).

Then there were the butternut squash. First of all, they were huge. Second of all, they were crazy inexpensive. I bought a 3- or 4-pound squash for the price I might (when I'm lucky) pay per pound at the grocery store.

Sigh. Wildcat Guy and I had a great conversation about how nice it would be to have access to a farmers' market with such diverse offerings. Don't get me wrong - the small local market is nice. But depending on the season, the products can feel very (very) one-dimensional.

This is a bad picture of a delicious treat! Part of the reason for our visit was their baby shower, where this "trail mix" was part of the menu. At the end of the night, Mama Vintage had enough left over that she asked if we wanted to take any with us. Hmmm...take home a large bag of candy corn, M&M's, chocolate chips, nuts, popcorn, Goldfish, pretzels and Chex? Yes, please!

We've certainly enjoyed the good eats since we've been back. The apples have been a perfect treat during my work days...

...the butternut squash was packed into tortillas for the densest butternut squash enchiladas we've ever had...

...and as mentioned on Sunday, the delightful box of Michigan chocolates was the perfect snack for game night.

Yes, I would say that edible souvenirs are, indeed, a lovely way to extend any vacation.

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