picking out his, mine...ours!

This past Saturday afternoon, Wildcat Guy and I undertook the awesome experience of completing the in-store portion of our Target wedding registry. And please know I use the word "awesome" genuinely. It was a neat couple of hours. (I think it helped that he got to do all the scanning - because he is definitely a guy who loves his electronics.)

Besides, when the first moments of registering go like this...

(me) "Do you have a preference on what department we start in?"
(him) "The lingerie department."

...you know there is fun ahead. (For the record, no lingerie was added to our registry.)

One thing that made the experience go very smoothly was that we arrived at the store with a list. It wasn't an exclusive list - there were definitely a few things we saw as we were walking around that we added semi-impulsively -  but having a clear idea of "things we wanted to look at and register for" saved us time, energy and patience.

There were also some interesting conversations about what "our" space would be like. Granted, we spend a lot of time together in living spaces now, but our next living arrangement will be the first one we live in together full-time. So there were some good discussions about color schemes, living preferences, etc. - including how we want to incorporate what we already have as individuals into a shared life.

Registering also included a small amount of me reading box details intensely while he stood by, waiting indulgently for me to decide exactly which box I wanted him to scan. Because he knows that sometimes, I just can't decide (especially when two things are very similar).

One thing we did not do (much to his chagrin) was register for anything from the baby department. Even though Wildcat Guy thought that sounded like a fun way to throw people off. We did, however, register for a lot of Disney movies. So who knows? We still might confuse people.

But the absolute best moment of our registry afternoon? The look on his face when this conversation happened...

(him, gesturing at me with the scanner) "I know I want four of these."
(me, smirking) "I don't think you can handle four of me."

Okay, so some discussions are better left unresolved. It still felt rewarding to get this registry done - with a good assortment of items that we will use and find value in for many years to come - and I was reminded of how thankful I am for a partner willing to have conversations with me - both serious and light-hearted - about our choices and wants for the future.

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