this week was good because of... travel in this weekend's snow.

...time to organize my thoughts on a variety of tasks and projects on the path ahead of me.

...pumpkin chocolate-chip waffles for breakfast with Wildcat Guy.

...making the best of our two crazy schedules this week.

...Flat Stanley's arrival for a visit.

...colleagues and family who help set up the best pictures.

...making cake balls out of a cake disaster. student's response when I asked her what kind of frosting she wanted on her birthday cake: "your creative liberty should be exercised without reserve." (Wouldn't it be awesome if we received that encouragement more often??)

...a beautiful few days of light snow that left a nice white carpet on the lawns, but without creating problems on the road or getting around.

...going to the Kentucky Crafted Market with Mom and Dad.

...not buying everything that I wanted to.

...a big bowl of fresh veggies that I put together to use up the Parmesan-garlic dip I had left from the zucchini fries we had last week.

...finding a reasonable balance between piecing together meals from what I had on hand and still eating decently well.

...returning to yoga after almost a month away (and feeling the stretch afterwards!).

...adding to my spice collection as wi$ely as I can.

...this interesting (though possibly not true) explanation for why the Chinese classify the fourth finger as the ring finger. (Try it!)

...the adorable Daisy Girl Scouts selling cookies at the grocery store this afternoon.

...having a couple of extra boxes on hand while my order is en route from a friend in Missouri.

...Gru's fascination with the empty box that's been around this week - both as a playground and a bed.

...yet another media piece that has me asking big questions and thinking big thoughts.

...sour cream muffins from a recipe I found in Taste of the South magazine. inspiring, heart-warming news story.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia


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