this week was good because of... first-ever visit (that I can remember) to one of Wildcat Guy's favorite places.

...seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play (sadly, not his beloved Wildcats).

...the fun tricks and maneuvers they showed off.

...finding a nice balance in the evenings between work, home and me.

...some time to unwind and sort through small frustrations.

...talking about dresses with my wedding attendants.

...a perfect pizza-and-movie Friday night. (or, for me, chai) with a colleague friend. We had a fantastic and encouraging conversation about work, life, and next steps. (He is definitely someone I will miss when we leave.)

...being able to joke around with colleagues about leaving this summer.

...a spot-on Paula Deen recipe for beef stroganoff that was super-yummy. 

...a second Paula Deen recipe (for sausage swirls) that was easy and delicious. (Wildcat Guy offered the best compliment when he asked if we could have them for breakfast every day.)

...being able to watch my guilty pleasure on Monday night.

...snuggles with Gru in cold winter weather.

...reviewing furniture proposals for our new residence hall.

What made your week good?

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