this week was good because of...


...returning to a somewhat-regular schedule of working out.

...the opportunity to take a twice-a-week yoga class on campus, for free.

...going to see a hockey game with my student staff (even if the home team lost). sorbet and brownie batter at Orange Leaf.

...Gru's look of disdain when we were entertained by his attack of the blanket.

...Wildcat Guy's help around the house (such a pleasant surprise to come home to!).

...the amusement of seeing that a color combination I use regularly is considered a "wild card pairing" in the fashion world. If they say so.

...staying focused and getting so many things checked off my to-do list.

...this super-cool marine biology news (because I will always be interested).

...additional amusement that this style is back "in" - if I'd known it would be back, I would have bought that pair of crazy-fantastic boots that I talked myself out of a few years back.

...watching the BCS game with Wildcat Guy (who completely understood why I was cheering for Alabama).

...delicious chef salads full of veggies and other goodness (and making the time to chop veggies and prepare).

...encouragement from my Director during my mid-year evaluation that yes, I should be looking at assistant- and associate-level positions when I begin my job search later this year. much Gru likes "sneaking" into the closet and lounging.

...a timely reminder that what someone does well is just as important to acknowledge as what they do incorrectly.

...the chance to take the online Jeopardy test (even if I bombed it).

What made your week good?

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