torn out: from taste of the south

I have to admit - this is my least favorite of the magazines arriving each month in my mailbox.  It's a replacement subscription that I received when the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine was discontinued, and even though I like the lifestyle approach to food - which includes features about the restaurant scene in various Southern destinations - I struggle to find recipes that I want to make.  Mainly because of the complexity of the recipes, either in ingredients or techniques.  I'm just not in a place with my cooking where that's appealing to me on a regular basis.

Something like these cinnamon swirl scones, though, does look appealing - and straight-forward enough in the preparation that I'd like to try them!

And this chocolate chess pie?  Yum.  I don't know if I'll do the homemade pie crust (and somewhere, pie makers everywhere just gasped), but the filling sounds divine.

source: the November-December issue of Taste of the South

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What I'm reading: the election issue of Time magazine


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