this week was good because of...

...a "dinner and a movie" date night in which we were part of the group that decided to see something other than the last Twilight movie.  (Doesn't Wildcat Guy look so excited?)

...yummy Japanese food cooked with style.

...relief that this Bond movie redeemed the franchise after the last one was so bad.

...getting a lovely little package in the mail - I am, indeed, excited about December Daily 2012.

...a Saturday to myself - including the pleasure of no shower, no make-up and no worries.

...three hours of conversation, laughter, and heartfelt moments with Vintage Blonde.

...finishing my December Daily 2011 album with 13 days to spare. (How confusing would that have been to still be assembling my 2011 album once the 2012 effort began?!)

...lunch with a couple of colleague-friends that made me realize how thankful I am to have formed those particular friendships.  The niche they've filled has been more valuable than they probably know.

...a tasty layer of new barbeque sauce on baked chicken.

...having a productive couple of wedding-planning hours on Wednesday.

...loading digital coupons onto my grocery store card.

...beautiful autumn colors on a few last trees around campus - especially when the setting sun makes them glow.

...a moment of reflection on autumn at the Tuesday Chapel service.

...using my office time really wisely and effectively.

...finally (!) trying an enchilada recipe that I'd had for over a year - and loving how delicious and filling these were. (Seriously - I thought I'd want two, but ended up barely eating one and a half.)

...a yummy first experience with butternut squash.

...finding out that the program I'll be presenting with a colleague in February was one of only 72 selected out of 155.

...printing a few of our engagement pictures, to go in the lovely frame I bought on clearance while we were out on Thursday.

...delivering a thank-you gift to our photographer.  Yes, we paid her to take the pictures - but the thank-you was for taking such wonderful pictures.

...a successful first attempt at making hot chocolate from scratch. (Why did I think this was going to be so difficult??)

...the women's chorus presenting a delightful concert this afternoon.

...awww-ing over the pictures of this Japanese woman and her cat.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished a couple magazines earlier today


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