this week was good because of... amazing hike in the Smoky Mountains, complete with perfect mild weather.

...appreciation for the interests Wildcat Guy and I share - especially, this week, a mutual like of hiking in the woods.

...this really cool stand (set up in front of the sign above) that allows for timer-generated photos.  What good thinking!

...a great condo to stay in, right in the middle of Gatlinburg.

...a beautiful waterfall (and the large boulders that made it possible to climb into the middle of the river below the falls).

...finding a good rhythm of activity and relaxation during our get-away.

...spending three days on vacation with my love (and realizing that this is the first time we've been on vacation all by ourselves). impromptu lunch with Faithful Blonde and her family on Thursday afternoon, as they passed by my town en route to their own vacation in Gatlinburg.

...not having too much work to catch up on when I got back from vacation.

...a great dinner show with some cool horse tricks.

...the entertaining irony of me (who doesn't like even the hint of Christmas until after Thanksgiving) unwittingly ending up at a Christmas dinner show in the first weekend of November.

...coming home to our adorable kitty.

...spending the last few hours of our vacation watching the election results - and being satisfied with the outcome.

...a light-bulb moment that (finally) got me fully underway in working on my December Daily 2011 album (since it would be nice to have that done before December Daily 2012 begins!) - and finding an album set that I think will work wonderfully for the 2012 effort.

...the Homecoming festivities on campus - including the opportunity to see a former student-now friend who was here to pass on her Homecoming Queen crown.

...winning a game of Scrabble by making good use of letters like Z and Q.

...receiving the CD of our engagement photos from the photographer - and loving them.

...the grocery side of the new Kroger being completed - which means I can finally re-learn the layout.

What made your week good?

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