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(The October issue was almost as thick as the September issue!)
 (Sigh.  These boots are delightful - and they don't look skintight around their calves. Granted, that last part is probably a bit unrealistic - they are models, after all - but I never seem to find a pair of boots that looks great, but also allows for some "stuffing room.")

(This issue apparently was designed for wistfulness.  These outfits are so cute - and yet it makes me sad that I don't have many opportunities to dress for dinner with friends.)
(Reversible coat - that looks cute? Fun!  The t-shirt that has three different ways to wear it was also pretty neat.)
(If I include the tip, then yes, I do fall into the 40%.  Just barely.  I am thankful I am not a 19%-er or a 6%-er!)
(I really like this quote by stylist Petra Flannery!  The only challenge I have is the definition of "casual." I sometimes show up for events in which I feel like I dressed casually - only to find that others have defined "casual" as whatever they happened to be wearing.  At which point, it looks like I've gone overboard simply because I made an effort to look put-together. Bleh.)
 ("Cupcakes and Cashmere" - what a lovely title!  I may have to check this blooger out.)

(These heels are awesome!  I would love to wear these sassy shoes by designer Edmundo Castillo with a simple black outfit and great earrings.)
(I know I've seen the information about what plastics to use v. avoid, but this handy little quick-reference will be something I store in an accessible place.)
(The feature article on the cover girl was wonderful to read...and reminded me of a reflection about being genuine that I started back in April.  Have to dig that out and finish it!)
 (The two statements about relationships here - about not being threatened by giving each other space, and about focusing more on understanding than being understood - were valuable.)

(Fabulous.  Simply fabulous.)

Source: the October 2012 issue of InStyle

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