this week was good because of... and Wildcat Guy's engagement photo shoot.

...a fun photographer who was open to our requests and suggestions while also providing excellent guidance throughout the shoot.

...spending the weekend with him in a way that felt a little more normal than usual.

...the perfect sunny afternoon - thank you, Mother Nature, for clearing away the grey clouds that I woke up to this morning!

...laughing, hugging and smooching with Wildcat Guy during our photo shoot.

...a deep, challenging yoga class that was also invigorating and rewarding. Saturday craft project working delightfully - I think. (Our photographer said the pictures turned out well, but I won't see them for a few weeks.)

...Faith Hill's new single and its delightful lyric video.

...mild weather that allowed for opening the windows. interesting explanation for why cats knead (including a part near the end that made me feel more than a little guilty).

...taking the weekend to relax, catch up on some personal stuff and regain some balance.

...interesting artwork in the Murray State student center.

...Wildcat Guy's patience and understanding with my very unusual schedule, both personally and professionally, in the past couple of weeks.

...a delicious southern BBQ buffet for lunch -including baked potato salad and peanut butter pie.

...generous HTML help in the Blogger forum.

...taking a road trip, complete with lots of singing along to the music. (not pictured)

...enjoying a mix CD that I hadn't listened to in quite a while - just the thing to help me get through a particularly slow part of the drive.

...a lovely stack of books to read from Mom.

...gratitude that Dad was only minorly injured when his motorcycle was rear-ended on Thursday evening.

...hilarious moments of laughter and sarcasm with my student staff.

...baking a chocolate cake for one of my student staff.

...adjustments to how I label and archive photos that (I anticipate) will make my photo work much simpler.

...starting my first Blogtoberfest experience - complete with a plan, of course.

...a business meeting going more smoothly and efficiently than expected.

...a well-written article discussing the limitations of placing blame on a head coach.

...the birthday cards and wishes I've continued to receive.

What made your week good?

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