on the road again...

Tonight, I was on the road again - in more ways than one.

Because I realized as I was driving (and driving and driving) that it has been a really, really long time since the last time I made a lengthy drive on my own.  It was an interesting reflection of how life has changed in the past few years...even if how I entertain myself on such drives (with lots of loud, off-key singing along to the radio and CD's) has not.

Because this was my second trip in two weeks - a schedule I used to maintain quite consistently, but which is much rarer now. With only two and a half days between getting home from one trip and leaving on the second, my cosmetics bag didn't even get unpacked.

And yet, when I consider why I've decreased my travel, this fluffy ball of fur is a significant factor.  I have wonderful people to take care of him when I go away, and yet I do miss him (a lot) when I'm gone.  He looked so sad as I was preparing to leave this evening - and knowing he won't be there when I go to sleep tonight feels a little bit lonely.  It reminds me that "home" has a different meaning than it used to - in very wonderful ways, yes - but different, nonetheless.

Where I am: Murray, KY
What I'm reading: my itinerary for tomorrow


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