framed! - another wedding craft

 In preparation for our engagement photo shoot tomorrow, I did a little craft project this evening.  I'd gotten this large frame from Mom and Dad, but wasn't thrilled with the plain wood look.

 So a quick trip to Hobby Lobby later, I had spray paint and a plan.
 I started by painting the frame with this satin metallic "Caramel Latte" spray paint.

And yes - I may have gotten a little carried away with the paint in some spots.
The color was just right, though - a neutral metallic that will look good out in the woods.
 While I let the frame dry, I practiced the next step on some cardboard - and a leaf.

I used a Krylon webbing spray to create some visual texture on the frame.  I probably could have used a lighter hand in adding the webbing, which would have better created the aged, worn look I was aiming for...but I still liked the look. (It's also kind of fun to watch the filaments spray out of the nozzle and settle on the wood.)
Yes.  This looks much better than the plain wood.  Can't wait to see how it works as an accessory during our photos tomorrow!

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