a lesson in patience

Sigh.  Last night, the photographer who took our engagement pictures sent me this one picture as a preview.  Mainly because I had taken a photo of her taking this shot.  And it's perfect in its delightfulness - exactly the type of picture I'd asked her to capture.

But man - seeing this one picture (from the couple hundred that she took to sort through and edit) makes me that much more impatient to see the others!  This might be the one time when I wish for the next few weeks to go by quickly.

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(REGARDING THE PHOTO'S ATTRIBUTION: In case it wasn't obvious from my comments above, this is not a picture that I took.  It's the work of a professional photographer whom Wildcat Guy and I hired for a photo shoot.  However, because the photographer, in her full-time day job, is a colleague of mine, I have chosen to crop out her watermark at the bottom of the photo to respect her privacy.  If you are interested in contacting her about her work, please leave me a comment.)


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