this week was good because of...

...the first home game of the season for Wildcat Guy's team.

...those moments when we know we're both aggravated and realize it's okay to feel that.

...both of our teams winning their games this weekend!

...a (hot) chai latte after being out in the drizzly cool rain on Saturday morning to help with our campus 5K.

...being an adviser to one of the SGA branches, and the chance to participate in discussions and activities at their retreat this weekend.

...stopping for dessert after the awesome dinner-and-a-movie date night that he picked out.

...the balance between stern and compassionate. comp day.

...having a good feel for how I want my schedule to flow this semester (and keeping a more focused approach with this advice).

...opportunities to have genuine conversations with students that also afforded me, in some instances, the chance to affirm their choices and support them in their challenges.

...sushi (with brown rice!) for lunch.

...hiring a photographer for our engagement photos!

...the ease and simple deliciousness of roasted sweet potatoes. I might even like these better than sweet potato fries.

...his help cooking dinner on a particularly tired Friday night. interesting movie trailer with not one, but two Harry Potter alums.

...understanding why I keep hearing people talk about crockpot chicken tacos, and the nice variation they provided. (Wildcat Guy and I are big fans of regular beef soft tacos, but these will definitely be made and eaten again.)

...the season premiere of another guilty-pleasure TV show.

...making another recipe from this delightful cookbook (more on that soon!).

...getting my attention back onto eating more healthily (yes, even with baking a cake) and cooking more purposefully (hence, the heavy concentration of food pictures this week, Baker Blonde).

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Bel Canto earlier today


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