this week was good because of...

...a lovely date night with my love.

...beginning to clarify what the next year will look like for us, individually and together.

...feeling good about the meals I make for us (and his delight when he realized what I was making).

...a performance by one of my favorite singers on my favorite late-night talk show.

...the start of college football season!

...finding a job listing that perfectly encapsulates what I'd like to try in my next professional step.  (Now if only something similar is around when it comes time to look!)

...relaxing on the couch with Gru on Saturday afternoon and evening.  (He doesn't snuggle very much during the warmer months, so this was a pleasant surprise.)

...productive collaborations with colleagues in other departments.

...a less-stressful-than-I-anticipated visit to the grocery store this afternoon.

...taking advantage of awesome sales to stock up on things I always have a use for.

...a hilarious stand-up comedian performing on campus.

...a delicious brownie-cupcake treat with a peanut butter cup inside, that one of my student staff baked and saved just for me.

...getting a feel for this semester's schedule, realizing where I need to make some additional adjustments, and giving myself a break during a week that was very taxing, energy-wise.

...resisting the temptation to buy any handbags from my favorite brand at the oh-so-dangerous discount store. (Sometimes, it's bittersweet being wi$e.)

...remembering that sometimes, simple meals are the best. (Especially with corn on the cob fresh from the husks.)

...the exciting discovery of the Shift key on my cell phone's key pad.  And by "exciting," I mean, "moment when I realize that I can't believe I've had this phone for four years and never known there was a Shift key right there on the key pad to use for typing capital letters."

...reorganizing my fridge, so that all the sauces are visible on the door (instead of tucked away on the bottom shelf).

...a girls' afternoon of shopping.

...the first birthday cake of the year for a student staff member.

...going to church for the first time in a while - and being glad I did, because wow!  Today's message was exactly what I needed to hear.

What made your week good?

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