torn out: from entertainment weekly

(I've been really enjoying my new free subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Yes, it's very mainstream in its focus, but let's be honest - my tastes are mostly mainstream.)
(I particularly liked this issue, which talked about different movies coming out in the Fall, my favorite movie season.) 

 (Look at this calendar of movies!  So happy to have this comprehensive reference.)

(I'm intrigued by the new movie that Ben Affleck has coming out, too.  I haven't always liked his acting roles, but his directorial efforts have always been good.  Plus, in this picture, he looks so natural behind the camera, right?)
(And in TV news, it was neat to read this brief interview with the man who provides Shark Week's chain-mail suits.  I'm so not an adventurer, and yet, one day, I would love to wear one of these suits and dive with great whites.)

And on a sidenote, I am so highly amused by the many ads for "erotic romance" novels spread throughout the magazine...books associating themselves with the 50 Shades phenomenon.  Really?

source: the 17/24 August issue of Entertainment Weekly

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