this week was good because of...

...a Saturday-night date on my day off in between two student leadership trainings.

...liking the most recent Bourne movie - even if I'm not thrilled with how it ended.

...Kitty's determination to get attention - even if it meant sitting on top of the papers I was trying to sign.  (I imagine him saying, "oh, my bad - did you need these papers?")

...getting the must's done first, before the want's.  Most of the time.

...seeing "Mary Poppins" on the big screen - and hearing everyone sing along.

...biting my tongue when sarcasm isn't the appropriate tone for the moment. last Saturday at the pool before it closes for the season.

...having a fun girls' day at the pool - the conversations and company were a nice change.

...collaborating with a colleague to make lunch for our summer staff.

...the start of our fall training - even if this also overwhelms me.

...turning my idea for a door dec (top) into a reality (bottom).

...welcoming my student staff back - even if I did enjoy the mostly-quiet of the summer.

...trying the look of platform wedges and cuffed leggings - and liking it.

...a reason to go to Vegas.  Because even if I don't go, I love this idea.

...a pink sunset (and sky) on Monday night.

...making it through a long week with not as much sleep as I would have liked. (Because seriously - being excited about going to bed at 1 am is not a good sign.)

...making lots of baked goods for a colleague friend's "Parents to Be Party."

...another colleague friend helping with the baking.

...Wildcat Guy's help assembling the goody bags for my staff.

...a submitted program proposal for a national conference with a colleague from another institution.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished re-reading Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson, and still re-reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


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