this week was good because of... fraternity's annual convention.

...being a little surprised at how much appreciation I received throughout the weekend for my work as a volunteer...especially when I don't feel like my work was as successful as I would have liked.

...returning to the experience of sitting through the long hours of business meetings.

...snarky jokes and observations to make tedious discussions of Roberts' Rules and other topics bearable - and people who not only understand the jokes and observations, but realize it's me releasing frustrations.

...the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the hotel pool. flights from Kentucky to Orlando...even if I was in the very. last. row on my return flight this morning.

...evenings out with other alumni I rarely get to see...even at the expense of much-needed sleep.

...a well-made raspberry mojito that tasted good, not alcoholic.

...the blessings of poise and confidence to lead with care and integrity.

...feeling satisfied with my decision not to seek another term.

...the wi$dom of planning ahead for some meals during my travels - like oatmeal (made with hot water from the coffeemaker in my room) and some of my favorite granola bars (that, along with a drink from Starbucks, made a filling breakfast).

...spending time with college students and discussing the challenges and joys they're experiencing as a result of their fraternal involvement.

...a lovely rainbow seen from my 17th-floor hotel room at the conclusion of a long business meeting.

...this video comparison of the before and after voices for the most recent Dark Knight villain (and the friend who follows movies closely enough to know this video existed).

...chocolate mousse cake layer dessert extravaganza. (I don't know what it's official name is, so it's either that - or delicious creamy chocolaty goodness that was so yummy I couldn't stop eating even when the sugar rush got to me.)

...another thoughtful, respectful article about the stand-off between equal rights and business principles.  (And yes, I realize that's a gross simplification - but you get my point.)

...costumes for a stag party worn by well-built men with foreign accents who stopped by the bar where we were all hanging out on Saturday night.

...cutting myself some slack.  Because sometimes you need to say, "in this moment, it is more important to sleep than to keep pushing through your to-do list."

...a hotel that gives you a big warm chocolate-chip cookie when you check in.  That, among other things, really impressed me and I would definitely recommend this hotel.

...enjoying a relaxing pedicure so much that I completely zoned out to the world around me - including my love trying to get my attention.

...being picked up at the airport this morning by Wildcat Guy - in his new truck.

...the way he knows exactly when I need a bear hug full of love.

...naps - be they at 3 in the morning on the hotel chaise or at 9:45 am on the plane.

...using the "redeem this receipt for a $2 cold drink after 2 pm this afternoon" coupon that I got at the MCO Starbucks in Kentucky on my way to the grocery store.

...the opportunity to increase the monthly deposit into my savings account (thanks to a slight pay increase as the new fiscal year begins).

...Gru's stubborn resistance to leaving his comfy resting place on my empty suitcase - because that vacuum doesn't scare him. Or at least that's what he'd like you to believe.

...deleting more than 200 emails from my personal email account (with more to come now that the volunteer position has come to an end).

...further stubbornness from my poor kitty, who seemed to be staging a lie-in when I wouldn't give him water from the shower faucet during a Boil Water Advisory.

...10 days of exercise in July - which may not seem like a lot to some, but which represents good progress in my effort to reincorporate a regular, consistent exercise habit into my schedule.

...trying out Aqua Zumba - and having a couple of colleagues to giggle with.

...making wi$e combinations of leftovers and freezer foods when the cupboards are a little bare ahead of a five-day trip.

...the amusement of a recent blog article about something I'd thought everyone knew about.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm re-reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (so I can remember who all the characters are in the midst of all these casting announcements)


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