"it came upon me, wave on wave..."

When I saw this strip from one of my favorite comics earlier this week, I was reminded of that quote that's out there about doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  Because this week, I have found myself so frustrated by things that really, I should know to avoid or do differently or anticipate. Yet I don't.  Instead, I let myself get lost and stuck in the same traps over and over...for no apparent reason other than I'm not motivated/focused/smart enough to try a different approach.

So with a new semester just around the corner (eek!), this comic strip was a neat reminder that, when I recognize a recurring problem, one way to find a healthier path - both personally and professionally - might be to look for a different wave.

Where I am: Orlando, FL
What I'm reading: all my notes for the meetings I'll attend

(lyrics in the title excerpted - perhaps poorly - from a song by Pat Green)


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