two-page tuesday

Perhaps tonight's efforts would be better described as "186-photo Tuesday."  Granted, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it...but in lieu of actual scrapbooking, that was the end result of my evening.  Whittling a day's worth of photos (taken by me and by Papa Bear on our excursion to Cuba) down to 186.  For one day.

That gives me hope, though, for the rest of the days.  After the initial purge that started with 2334 photos and resulted in about 1500 (not including Papa Bear's), I'll take any progress I can get in preparing photo sets that capture the breadth and depth of our experience without being overwhelming in number.

Especially since I still have to upload said pictures and caption them.  Oh, and then, at some point, a majority of these digital photos will be turned into prints for a scrapbook.  So I'm trying my hardest to find the balance between hoarding and being reasonable.  It's tough!

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