this week was good because of... amazing, unforgettable trip to Cuba. (And no, that won't be the last I say about it. There are definitely a few more posts - at least! - coming.) travels.  There may have been delays and interesting quirks, but we always arrived safely.

...coming home to my love.

...the laughter and silliness we share in our daily lives.

...his help taking care of the cat and my apartment while I was gone.

...the beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and the lovely note from Wildcat Guy waiting for me when I got to my apartment.

...the surprisingly low number of emails I had to manage and respond to in my work account. happy my kitty was to see me when I got home. (Trust me...this is a happy look.)

...falling asleep in the comfort of my own bed.

...a slow, progressive transition from "vacation" back to "real life." new sundress being the perfect outfit for the Fourth of July.

...the last session of our small-group Bible study.

...a delightful little picnic in the park on the afternoon of the Fourth. amused we were when two different people commented on how "romantic" it was.

...time to relax, catch up and enjoy each other's company.

...two words - funnel cake.

...Lady Antebellum's newest video.


...finding a camera setting that took good fireworks photos! Top-notch?  No.  Better than any fireworks pictures I've taken before?  Definitely.

...lunch with a colleague friend to catch up.

...a delicious and refreshing treat on a Saturday afternoon.

...indulging in a pedicure after lots and lots of walking during my vacation.

...happy wishes and small gifts for a friend's baby.

...feeling confident in decisions I'm making about my time and commitments.

...making time to bake a lemon raspberry bread.

...the interesting perspective and mindfulness that eating in a foreign country for eight days has prompted in how I plan and choose my meals. (This might be the final push to stop eating fast food!)

...starting to read the vacation book that I had no time to read while I was on vacation.

...relaxing in the pool on a true summer day.

...a new endcap at the grocery store that I look forward to taking advantage of. inspirational post by a blogger I'm growing more and more fond of (especially her "Currently working on..." comment). sweet kitty amusing us with his constant discovery of new places and ways to snooze.

...this thoughtful article about multicultural or multiracial heritage.

...a successful experiment in skewer cooking.

...stumbling across a gorgeous and whimsical wedding "invitation."  It is beautiful ideas like this one that make me wish I knew more about graphic and digital design.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home (sigh)
What I'm reading: just finished Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, and still reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


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