this week was good because of...

...the lovely sarong that I found tucked away in a pile of spring/summer clothes - how did I forget I had this??  Why haven't I worn this more??

...perfect summertime weather - sunshine, warm temperatures and no humidity.  I like.  A lot.

...a really thoughtful, inspiring book to keep me company at the pool.

...gratitude for a duty phone that's been quiet all weekend (and yes, it's turned on).

...enjoying my dinner on Saturday night on the back lawn. absolutely delightful email from Vintage Blonde...the kind that feels more like a letter and brings a smile to my face just reading it.

...a chocolate milkshake from the local coffeeshop.  They make them with real ice cream - pure deliciousness!

...relief that the "check engine" light that came on Wednesday evening was just, according to my mechanic, a "transmission hiccup" that required no fixing.

...sharing books with friends, even when they're states away.

...finally getting to see what turned out to be a great movie.  I'm not a huge comic-book person, but this series of films is so engaging and entertaining in so many ways.  (And the scene at the end of the credits?  Hilarious.)

...leftover chicken pot pie, served in my Pyrex no-leak dish.  (These dishes have been a fantastic alternative to the traditional plastic leftover storage!)

...getting a (small) raise in salary for next year...and making the wi$e decision to let it go straight into my savings account.

...a haircut that is both stylish and suitable for my hair (and a sense of relief that, after two successful visits, I have found a new stylist).

...feeling really confident in the decision I've recently made about my level of involvement with an organization near and dear to my heart.

...the closed blooms in the bouquet I bought last Sunday beginning to open and blossom as the week went on.

...realizing that my trip to Cuba is just two weeks away - and having that, "I'm going to Cuba!!!" moment as Dad and I talked about currency and other logistics.

...using up the leftover orange frosting on homemade chocolate sandwich cookies.

...this really sweet story about a couple that's been married for 64 years.  The last line of the story is so heart-warming and adorable.

...a fun (if unexpected) craft project for the weekend.

...the look on Wildcat Guy's face when I showed him the finished product.

...getting a gift project started...albeit a little belatedly. (More pictures to come once it's finished.)

...a movie night hosted by one of my student staff.

...a crockpot recipe for honey sesame chicken.  The sauce burnt a little, so I'll have to try it again to get the timing right...but I liked it.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: Moon Handbooks: Cuba by Christopher P. Baker


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