this week... (addendum)

Ooops.  I realized today that I forgot not only a photo, but also a few items on my list of what made the past week good.  So here's what else made this week good... early in the week that was mild enough for open windows.

...Gru's unpredictable, but always entertaining interest in the chirping birds that sit in the tree outside the window.

...getting to listen to the fun mix CD that a dear friend sent me a couple of weeks ago.  All but one song of it was entirely new to me, song-wise (and, in some cases, artist-wise), and I enjoyed having a new mix of music to play in my summer rotation.

...lounging on the lawn with Wildcat Guy on a Friday evening...relaxing, talking about life, and enjoying some quiet time together.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Moon Handbooks: Cuba by Christopher P. Baker


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