two-page tuesday: starting small

Oh, Two-Page Tuesday, how I've missed you! It was really difficult, creatively, to not be able to include a weekly scrapbooking time in my schedule for the Spring semester...but it just wasn't reasonable - on Tuesday or any other day.  I made do with some Saturdays scattered throughout, but I was very happy to find out that, for the summer, my Tuesdays are entirely my own.

Tonight, I spent time finishing up small things on a few pages that I made last month - getting some journaling done...

...especially now that I had information about what songs were used for the traditional dances.  (I think Baker Blonde had a moment of amusement at my expense when I asked her to remember what the songs were almost five years later.)

I also added little details for the finishing touch to a couple of pages - like these small hearts in the corners of a beautiful black-and-white portrait page.

My evening at the scrapbook table ended with making a card for a dear friend.

So not exactly two pages...but it felt good to get pages completed, nonetheless, and an easy start to what I hope will be a summer full of successful Two-Page Tuesdays!

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