this week was good because of...

...a beautiful Sunday afternoon to get some work done.

...the refreshing feeling of a weekend that was both relaxing and productive in so many ways.

...a delightful, couldn't-stop-reading novel that I spent Saturday reading (in amongst the rest of the day, that is).

...chocolate raspberry yogurt.

...getting to wear my new sweater.

...the sweet love note that Wildcat Guy left in my planner for me to find on Friday morning.

...this amusing cartoon in today's paper.

...a dear, heart-warming essay that captures so many elements of how I feel about my love, too.

...scallion meatballs for dinner.

...the awesome concept of "spend out" (and plenty of other wisdom).

...a clean bill of health for our 19.9-pound kitty (who, despite the persistent conversation on the drive to and from the vet, was patient and cooperative throughout).

...the confidence to take what may be an unpopular or challenging stance.

...finding the perfect laugh to make a grumpy morning better.

...the lovely fragrance of these flowers in front of my building (which means I get to smell them every day as I leave).

...a movie that was better than I expected.

...baking brownies in my local pottery dish to serve on my vintage-y china.

...dinner with my guys' staff.

...this beautiful, genuine reflection about the choices we make and the ways we live our lives.

...a warm mocha brownie with a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream on top.

...the common taste in movies that Wildcat Guy and I have.

...the simple, poignant list of thank-you's in Eric Church's most recent CD.

...using my free and in-between times wisely.

...the enormous colorful Gerbera daisies for sale at the craft store.

...a pretty cloudscape while I was running errands and shopping yesterday.

...the safe, healthy arrival of my Big Brother's baby girl.

...Caesar potato salad and steak flavored with a new sauce.

...his willingness to be my cooking guinea pig.

...a Saturday-morning hike in the woods.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow


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