mmm, mmm, meatballs

There are some recipes that simply must be shared, praised and kept on hand for future use - like Smitten Kitchen's scallion meatballs.

I have to admit - when I first saw the recipe, I was a little bit uncertain about a couple of sesame oil.  Would I even be able to find that - at a reasonable price - in the local grocery store?  (That might sound like a silly question, but living in semi-rural central Kentucky can have its culinary challenges.)  Thankfully, I found it (at an acceptable price), so meatball time it was!

Normally, I'm a fan of digging my hands into a bowl to mix and mold ingredients...however, when Smitten mentioned her go-to method of using a fork to mix meatballs, that sounded like something to try.  This turned into me going the completely clean-hands route when I realized that, if I was supposed to be using tablespoon-sized portions of meat, I could just use a tablespoon to measure and gently shape the meatballs.  What a concept!

Another insight I particularly appreciated in her recipe was the comment that the meat mixture would be pretty soft.  Had she not included that, I would have worried (greatly) at the meatballs turned out to be; but trusting in her wisdom, I went with it.

Cooking anything in hot oil is never an exciting prospect, but these cooked quickly and didn't require a ton of attention while they cooked - always a good combination!

And the end result?  Simply delicious! (literally!)  The meatballs have a nice flavor and texture to them, and the soy-ginger glaze (which turned out to be more of a light sauce because I didn't feel like waiting any longer for it to reduce) has a rich flavor that made a great substitute for the rice and eggrolls I served on the side.

The only suggestion I would offer to her recipe is that ground ginger can easily be substituted for the fresh ginger.  Some may not like that approach, but since I always have ground ginger on hand, I went with that (in lieu of purchasing fresh) and it worked well.  Since I also left out the peppercorns, the small change saved me the step of straining the sauce before serving, too.  A small detail, for sure...but one that made the recipe even simpler for me.

Either way - whether you stand firmly with fresh ginger or easily with ground - this is not a recipe to overlook!

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Catt Larson said…
Might have to try these... obviously just making them without Bradley knowing the ingredients though
Lee said…
That would be great if he liked them! Even without the sauce on top (since I know he doesn't like sauces), the meatballs have a tasty flavor. =)

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