you have to smell this!

I highly recommend tasting, too - but what I absolutely love about this recipe for sweet potato french toast sticks is the "delightful sugary goodness" smell that drifted through my apartment while these baked. My mouth was watering! (Wildcat Guy's would have been, too - if he wasn't coming down with the same cold I just got over.)

Another plus was how easy these were to make. Chop, mix, dredge, bake. (This is something I really appreciate about a lot of her recipes - even with multiple steps, she keeps things pretty simple.)

Now, I have to admit - this recipe yields a lot. As in, the entire baking sheet was full of sliced-up, dredged-in-magic sticks of sweet potatoes. So I expected there would be leftovers, especially since I was serving them as a side item to eggs and bacon. (Breakfast for dinner, anyone??)

Buuuutttt...then we started eating them. And we realized how delicious they are. Texturally, they are a dead-on match for french toast; and flavor-wise, they are good. So good that we may have eaten the entire batch. Ooops.

I highly recommend these and in fact, if I'm ever in the mood for french toast in the future, I would consider making these instead. Yum!


Catt Larson said…
On the menu for this weekend!

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