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Last month, I'd seen this delicious-sounding recipe and knew I had to make it. Because seriously? Avocado, cream cheese and salsa? How could that go wrong?! In fact, as I made the little mounds on each puff pastry square, it was hard not to eat all the filling on its own.

But I exercised restraint (and okay - maybe licked the spoons when I was done), and all of the pastry squares were properly filled and baked. And even though they took more time to prepare than our normal choice of Mexican or Spanish rice, these made a great side dish for our soft tacos last night.

In fact, the only thing I need to keep playing with is the salsa. I'm not sure if I need to use a spicier salsa, or perhaps one with a more intense flavor - but the brand I used (one we sometimes enjoy on our tacos and such) got completely lost in the gooey delight of the avocado and cream cheese. I don't think Wildcat Guy minded, but I really like the juxtaposition of salsa and avocado, so I noticed its almost non-presence. My quick fix was to spoon more salsa on top of the squares as I ate them...but I feel sure there has to be a less messy "in the square" solution, if you will.

Darn. I guess that means I'll have to make more of these to figure it out.

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they turned out great for you! Thanks for LMK you made them and for linking back to my site. You're a sweetheart!
Lee said…
Yes, I was definitely pleased with how they turned out!

And no problem - I have learned a lot in the past year about blog etiquette, so I was more than happy to point people to you for the recipe. =)

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