getting my kicks

So yesterday morning, as I was getting dressed, I decided that I was tired of wearing my go-to black loafers that are simple, stylish and (the best part) super comfortable. But with it being rainy and chilly outside, heels didn't sound appealing either. Hmmm...what's a girl to do?!

A-ha! My eclectic streak came out and I decided to wear my Converse-style sneaker clogs. I hardly ever wear them, but this felt like the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something funky - something I might see in a magazine and usually discard as too "not me."

It actually was very fun to look down throughout the day to see the white rubber toes peeking out from the hem of my wide-leg trousers.

Okay, so I wasn't setting any new trends. The idea of sneakers with office wear is not earth-shattering. But I have to admit - when one of my students (whose style I admire immensely) complimented me on the combination, I felt pretty proud of myself for taking a chance - however small.

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It's tiny little moments of "rebellion" like these that make our hearts come alive.
So glad you wore your cheeky sneakers. You looked fabulous!

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