torn out: from the knot

(Not only do I like the sound of the title, "The Color Issue," but also I love both of the dresses on the cover.)

(Purple sand?? In central California?? How did I never know about this?)

(If we were having our wedding in a castle, this would be a perfect dress.)

(Popular purple flowers - this will be a good list to keep on hand.)

(I liked this designer's comment about ingenuity and creativity.)

(The dress in the center is so lovely - I was disappointed I couldn't get a better photograph of the lace and the details.)

( I reading a bridal magazine or a prom magazine?)

(A garden party? That's similar to a farmhouse setting, right? Close enough that I enjoyed seeing this more casual interpretation of a tuxedo for the groom.)

(I haven't just been to a wedding at the ultra-glamorous Colony Club. I was in the wedding that's pictured in the photo!)

(I really like the neckline and strap of this dress - if I could ever find a version of this in ivory, I'd definitely want to try it on.)

(All the purples in these bouquets are so pretty!)

(The ombre ruffles on the tiers of this cake are so unusual.)

(What a fun picture of the bride and bridesmaids' shoes! Must remember this idea.)

(My favorite part of this issue was the Look Book - almost 200 pages of bridal gowns!)

(Oh my goodness - what a dress! I can't imagine what kind of wedding this dress would be suited to, but wow - so sexy and glamorous and amazing.)

(This is such a unique necklace - it would be an interesting accessory for a strapless gown.)

(I never would have imagined being so interested in lace dresses - but with the venue we're considering, it would be so perfect.)

(And while this isn't lace, it's a beautiful gown. I really like the ruffles and the layers and the blend of detailing.)

source: Fall 2011 issue of the knot


Catt Larson said…
So have you chosen colors? Because it really seems like there is a purple theme running through here.

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