two-page tuesday: ooooh-la-la indeed!

Believe it or not, for the past few weeks, my brain has just not been capable of scrapbooking. On a couple of Tuesdays, I would think, "alright - I have tonight set aside for scrapbooking...but I don't feel like it." And I was okay with that. Forcing myself to do something that's supposed to be fun kinda ruins the fun, don't you think?

But tonight, as I was eating dinner, all I could think was, "is it time to scrapbook yet??" Yes. Yes, it was.

The first page was for a "bridesmaids day" my friend Shannon hosted early in her wedding planning - an opportunity for all of the bridesmaids to meet, hang out and begin to shop for our bridesmaid dresses. Super fun day, and I tried to capture that in the page - with the sassy title, lovely colors and crooked pictures (which I was proud of myself for doing, since I rarely like the look of such an arrangement).

The second page fast-forwards almost two years, to dinner in Greektown with Shannon's fiance and Argentinean family just days before her wedding. Creating the decorative piece along the bottom of the page took some time (yes, it's hand-cut from a 12x12 paper!), but the page turned out exactly how I wanted - beautifully.

Another successful night of scrapbooking - opa!!

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