this week was good because of... and working on a campus full of nature.

...brainstorming with Wildcat Guy about possible wedding locations.

...the movie I've been impatiently waiting for - a lovely adaptation of a favorite book. interesting sermon about the book of Esther. lemonade pound cake. Served in one of the dishes from my future mother-in-law.

...courage and grace to ask a student difficult questions about his work performance.

...a new daily devotional full of God's wisdom.

...cheering for friends and students who graduated this weekend.

...bright sunshine and open windows.

...a kitty who craves my attention so much he won't sit still for a picture.

...a fun sight from the drive-through at Dairy Queen.

...ending the month with a balanced budget - for the third month in a row!

...Mother's Day. And talking on the phone with Mom. And the perfect gift for her.

...a great new song from one of my favorite bands. a Cinco de Mayo taco bar for my staff.

...timing all the cooking just right.

...sopapilla cheesecake squares - easy and divine!

...the simple domestic pleasure of making "leftover boxes" for him to take to work.

...laughing with Wildcat Guy about this frame. And laughing even more when he said, "but I don't have a pet." Shh, don't tell Gru! (We later clarified that, by "pet," he meant, "dog.")

...a day of "getting things done."

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm re-reading: Beach Music by Pat Conroy


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