this week was good because of...

...beautiful morning sunshine.

...making good choices with my time - critical to staying balanced this week.

...the look (and feel!) of the lovely grey cashmere scarf my future sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.

...spirited, engaging conversations with my student staffs for next year.

...a delicious breakfast-for-dinner...made mostly from leftovers!

...redeeming the pedicure gift certificate Wildcat Guy gave me for Valentine's Day.

...giggling at the awesome flashback music playing at the nail salon. ("step by step, ooo baby...")

..a three-hour yoga nidra workshop that was absolutely divine.

...a poignant reminder of the responsibility that comes with caring for someone's heart.

...finding the joy in sorrow. order from Pampered Chef arriving - cheesecakes, here I come!

...working with people (and for a supervisor) who understand the importance of family obligations. absolutely adorable documentary.

...using a recipe from my Semi-Homemade Complete Cookbook.

...having money leftover in my February budget. Woo!

...a relaxing and fulfilling Saturday to myself.

...the look on his face when I tried a fun dress on.

...feeling good about life.

...having Sunday brunch at the campus hotel's esteemed restaurant...

...and enjoying the dessert section of the buffet (that had six different choices!).

...coming home from work to find out that Wildcat Guy had done the dishes - of his own volition.

What made your week good?

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