simple pleasures: weekend edition

...sleeping until 10 on Saturday, and waking to the birds chirping on the lawn outside

...having my own washer and dryer, to do as much laundry as I need to without worrying about quarters or time or sharing with other people

...chocolate chip pancakes and a tall glass of milk for dinner ideas for creative energy, and making progress on the projects already underway

...finding a magazine that is interesting to read and relevant to my life as it is now

...breakfast with an old friend (and too much food with not enough syrup!)

...adding new links to my list of reads (muchas gracias to Karen for her great tutorial!)

...reading stories to Rhys while he sits in my lap

...a sunny afternoon to sit on my deck and read the Sunday paper

...Boston College winning yesterday (even if it was in overtime...eek! and the second weekend in a row to go into OT...double eek!)

Such a pleasant weekend...what made your weekend pleasant??

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: (or in this case, trying to read!) The Castle by Kafka


What made my weekend pleasant?

Watching the Sox beat the Yankees not once, not twice, but THREE times in 2 days.

And the Pats won, too.

It was a great sports day in New England yesterday.
Coonrod said…
My weekend was made great by standing up to a bully of a waiter who took issue with me not wanting to drown my panckaes in sugary (or sugarless) maple concoction. Oh yeah, and having breakfast with an old friend.

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